A table for Cecilia…

I just wanted to put a quick up a quick post about the table that I built entirely from scratch for my Stockholm friend Cecilia as I like to call her. She wanted a very rustic table set for her basement where guests could get out of the sauna and […]

Christmas Nativity 2013

So it’s well into the new year… in fact, I’m not quite sure how 20 days have already passed… I just took my 2013 nativity down a week or so ago and I’ve gotta say that it broke my heart just a little… Although with how quickly this year is […]

Some furniture built from scratch…

So when you have been away for a long time and decide to update your blog all in the same night you realize that you have left a lot out and need to get your butt in shape and blog more often!! I’m sure I will be forgiven. I just […]