My best forgotten (and a new painting)…

Sometimes I feel like this website has a mind of it’s own… or perhaps I really am losing my mind… but every time I come on here it seems that something has to be fixed or adjusted despite the fact that I feel like I’ve done that same adjustment a […]

Evening Breeze…

So it turns out I have an original painting lying around at home that’s never been added to the website… not cool… we don’t want it to feel left out so it gets to join the gang… better late than never. I think I did this back in 2011 and […]

Fishing Boats At Rest – Colored Pencils

Ok, so you might think that I’m superfast at painting which is why I am posting twice in one day…. alas, no… I’m just running behind on posting my new paintings to the website. Since I’m doing it now I might as well add both right? This one is my […]

Harvest Season in Pulsano – Acrylics

Here I am again! This time with another commissioned painting for a good friend in Utah in the U.S. He┬átravelled to my home town when his son married my sister this last December. He loved it so much that he wanted his experience depicted in a painting representing the walks […]

Gone to Serve

Hi again! This week I’ve actually been working on a painting that was commissioned for a friend of mine in Belgium. He wanted a painting that showed the absence of a farmer who is also a bishop/minister who had been called away to help someone and had immediately left his […]

Painting of the Week!

Here is my newest addition, finished only a couple of days ago. I was excited about this one because I got to experiment with both higher end pencils and paper. It’s always fun to upgrade! Of course, inspiration for this one comes from my lovely home country, Italy. This is […]