Summer painting…

Looking through the website it seems it’s been a while since the latest update… again… ahem… I’ve been super busy though, with all kinds of projects. I’ve just been too lazy to update the website! So here goes… All at once again! This summer I actually bought myself a spray gun which reaaaaally helped speed up the painting process since I was lucky enough to find some pieces of furniture at a couple of different auctions and flea markets and so forth. And I came up with the clever idea to put up a party tent in the backyard where I stashed all the pieces and just knocked them off one piece at a time… it’s amazing how much you can get painted with the right space and the right tools… note to self: always have the right tools… I love tools… Anyway, here’s some of the stuff that got painted… yes, it’s all white… I need to move on from white.

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