Christmas Nativity 2013

So it’s well into the new year… in fact, I’m not quite sure how 20 days have already passed… I just took my 2013 nativity down a week or so ago and I’ve gotta say that it broke my heart just a little… Although with how quickly this year is already passing I may have to start thinking about my next one soon!

I’m not sure if I’ve made this clear but I started a tradition in my family last year that my family growing up used to follow every year. And that is creating a nativity ourselves from different materials. Every year was different so it was always a challenge to think up new materials to use and different techniques. I loved it and I’m so happy that I can finally implement this tradition in our family now.

If you want to see the one from last year then just click on the button to the right that says Nativity and you can see everything we did then.

This year I really wanted to do a city scene, but time got away from me and I ended up doing something similar to last year but stepping it up a notch. It’s a cave scene again, but this time it’s on two levels with a type of stone stair case and several more caves. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. Obviously the characters are the same and will be the same from year to year, but I just didn’t have the heart to leave them out of the depiction