My best forgotten (and a new painting)…

Sometimes I feel like this website has a mind of it’s own… or perhaps I really am losing my mind… but every time I come on here it seems that something has to be fixed or adjusted despite the fact that I feel like I’ve done that same adjustment a million times… well this time it turns out that I am actually losing my mind. When I was going through the pictures of my past paintings it turns out that I’ve never actually added some of my most recent work. These paintings are some of the ones I’m most proud of and have turned out to be quite popular. Apparently the whole sunset silhouette thing is a beloved motif by many. Maybe there is something peaceful and serene about it, something quiet and beautiful.

So I figured I would present them to you after all this time… I kind of did a series of them at one point, in conjunction with my showcasing at Örebro Castle. This first one was bought by my brother and sister-in-law who fell head of heals in love at first site… that’s always fun!

Asian Sunset Acrylics 60x80cm

This next one was done for my other brother-in-law who has a thing for pirates. Unfortunately this painting was lost in what can only be called a tragic event. Maybe I’ll be able to make him a new similar one someday.

Glimpses of the past Acrylics 65x81cm

This next one was bought by one wonderful lady who’s family are close friends of ours… you have to look hard to find a better woman than her…

Nirvana In the Peace of Sunset Acrylics 60x80cm

And this last one here is my latest project, actually finished yesterday. This one is a commission for a very good friend of mine who loved the latest painting reveal and wanted a similar one, so that’s what he got, but in a much larger size. This is probably the biggest painting I’ve ever done! 97×130 cm in fact. It was fun but challenging to do one so large but I like how it turned out in the end. I do have to apologise to him for taking my sweet time doing it though. For some reason my painting mojo died over the last few months. It was supposed to be done around easter time… woops! Sorry!

Project Luthman Acrylics 97x130 Website Pic

Anyway, I hope you all liked my latest and greatest! Will keep you posted quite a bit over the next coming months as I now have access to a much larger workshop than my dinky garage and have lots of furniture ideas rattling around inside the ol’ noggin’ that can now be materialised… finally… I’m excited to show you what I’ve done and what will be done soon! See ya later!