1. What type of artwork do you exhibit?
    I exhibit original art inspired by beautiful landscapes and still life in
    various compositions. I display most two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums.
  2. How do I search for and purchase art at Danielboscarino.com?
    At the top the website, you will find a tab called “buy a painting”. You can either follow that specific tab to view originals or reprints available for purchase or you can access the “Gallery” tab and select images categorized into different mediums. Once in the Gallery you can click on the below “buy it now” button to insert the product into your cart.
  3. Once I purchase a piece of art, how many days will it take to arrive?
    Artwork is typically shipped within 72 hours of sale. Once your artwork is shipped, the length of time required to receive your purchase depends on the type of shipping courier available. For originals you must allow between 5 to 10 business days, but for overseas such as Asia or the United States please allow for a considerable amount of time longer. For reprints you can expect your product to arrive between 3 to 7 business days, however we are not responsible for delays and the courier uses have their time schedules and policies.
  4. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes. We are happy to ship artwork to any destination in the world.
  5. How is the cost of shipping calculated?
    We have a free shipping policy on all paintings on this site, both for originals and reprints. You will never pay anything for shipping.
  6. What forms of payment do you accept? Will I be charged tax?
    Danielboscarino.com currently offers paypal as the main option of payment. However you do not need your own personal paypal account to make payments through Paypal. You can still use your debit or credit card as payment.
  7. Can I view the artwork before purchase?
    Yes you can. To do that you need to access the “Gallery” tab and then click on the picture within the tab. That will open a larger size picture that shows you clearly what a reprint or original would look like along with the available sizes.
  8. May I speak with Daniel Boscarino directly?
    Danielboscarino.com features a “blog” tab on the header menu. Through this menu you can contact Daniel to see all upcoming events or general updates. So this allows you to join a discussion. We encourage you to ask questions and leave
    comments. You can also contact Daniel through Facebook by requestingfriendship or simply by sending a personal e-mail. You can also use the “Contact Me” tab.
  9. Does Danielboscarino.com provide framing services?
    We do not offer framing services at the present time. By selling unframed artwork, we are able to provide you with faster delivery of your purchases and keep shipping costs low.
  10. Does Danielboscarino.com have a physical gallery location?
    We do not operate a physical gallery, however we regularly participate in art fairs and put on temporary shows. If you would like information about our next event, please check out the “Art Exhibit” tab on the head menu for latest news.
  11. How can I contact Danielboscarino.com?
    Use the “Contact me” tab for more questions and clarifications.
  12. How does Danielboscarino.com price artwork?
    Artwork is priced using personal input and the expertise of the author. After a creation is finished we take everything that has gone into that creation into consideration. This includes: hours, materials, prework involved, travel costs, but most importantly personal evaluation of what the artwork is worth the both the Creator and the Customer. Danielboscarino.com is fully aware of customer satisfaction and wants to provide clients with the best possible experience.
  13. Is the artwork exhibited at Danielboscarino.com a financial investment?
    We encourage art patrons to purchase artwork for enjoyment and aesthetic values. However, art can be a financial investment as the demand for Daniel’s art and/or piece of artwork grows. You must also take into consideration that there are several art shows planned for the near future and much appreciation has already been shown even in the beginning stages of Daniel’s artistic development.
  14. What kind of paper is used for reprints?
    We reprint every size and picture using photo paper.
  15. Is the paper used for reprints matte or glossy?
    For the time being all reprints will be done in matte, although I may consider adding the option of glossy in the future.