Dining room make over…

Here I am! Back again after waaaaaay too long. It’s been a busy couple of years since I’ve kind of expanded my realm from just art to furniture. I’m not quite sure how I ended up doing furniture make-overs and finally building my own, in fact I ask myself that question every time I’m bending in inhumane positions to reach nooks and crannies of a particular piece I’m trying to paint. Some things just kind of happen.

I think it all started when my wife and I spent a summer’s day at the yearly auction we have in the area. It’s fantastic but usually the furniture isn’t that great… You know what stuff I mean, lots of old yellowing pine… very Swedish. But hey! You can get it for cheap! Like REALLY cheap. Unfortunately just cheap doesn’t really cut it… my wife (ok, I do too) likes the house to also look nice for whatever reason… Although to be fair, our own house wasn’t really what got me started, it was the idea that maybe I could transform those ugly pine pieces into something much nicer. You all know the shabby chic craze that’s going on, right? Country living! I tried it, and was able to sell enough pieces to pay for a short trip to Italy. They turned out quite nice!

To be honest, with time, shabby chic was getting a little old… at least the basic black base with white paint and scratched up… I did so many of those exact pieces that I wanted to throw my white paint out the window after a while.

After selling most of the stuff we bought, my wife finally convinced me to let her have new dining room furniture. But we didn’t want to spend a fortune… we’re weird like that… we like our money to stay in the bank… So we bought some stuff at auctions this last summer for so little I won’t even say how much… actually the table and chairs was like 900 kr, which is about 130 dollars or something like that. Anyway, I wish we had taken before pictures of everything!! I’m bad at that! *Slap on the wrist*

So without further ado, here is our new dining room! It still needs a few touches, like I’m thinking of making new frames! But that’s a future project… I’m super happy with the way everything turned out. It’s still shabby chic but this time I added a grey glaze to the top to give it kind of a dirty look  which just brought everything to life. The chairs were probably the most difficult part of this project but my wife did most of the work since I refused… HA!

Click on the pics to see larger versions!!