Christmas Nativity 2013

So it’s well into the new year… in fact, I’m not quite sure how 20 days have already passed… I just took my 2013 nativity down a week or so ago and I’ve gotta say that it broke my heart just a little… Although with how quickly this year is […]

Some furniture built from scratch…

So when you have been away for a long time and decide to update your blog all in the same night you realize that you have left a lot out and need to get your butt in shape and blog more often!! I’m sure I will be forgiven. I just […]

Dining room make over…

Here I am! Back again after waaaaaay too long. It’s been a busy couple of years since I’ve kind of expanded my realm from just art to furniture. I’m not quite sure how I ended up doing furniture make-overs and finally building my own, in fact I ask myself that […]

Örebro Castle Exhibit…

I know I haven’t posted anything since June but that doesn’t mean that nothing has happened… I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time actually… Yesterday I actually finished my exhibit at Örebro Castle. I felt it was a great success as I sold 3 originals and 1 reprint. I […]

Midsummer Exhibit!!!

Ok, so I guess I’m going for three posts in one hour… hahaha… ok… back to business… I’m very excited to announce that I will be doing an exhibit in Tyresta By in Haninge, Sweden for the upcoming Midsummer celebration which will take place tomorrow! I will be there all […]

Fishing Boats At Rest – Colored Pencils

Ok, so you might think that I’m superfast at painting which is why I am posting twice in one day…. alas, no… I’m just running behind on posting my new paintings to the website. Since I’m doing it now I might as well add both right? This one is my […]

Harvest Season in Pulsano – Acrylics

Here I am again! This time with another commissioned painting for a good friend in Utah in the U.S. He travelled to my home town when his son married my sister this last December. He loved it so much that he wanted his experience depicted in a painting representing the walks […]