A couple of rustic farmhouse pieces…

I also wanted to share with you guys a couple of pieces I’m quite proud of. I do feel like I’m growing and learning more as I go on and lately I really am trying to create from the visions I have in my mind of what I’d like to do. I feel like I’m getting better and my pieces are getting nicer with time. It’s so nice to have the tools that I need to do the work that I like doing. These two pieces are a bit country cottage/farmhouse/rustic inspired and were really fun to make. These were also pieces that I had in my mind that wouldn’t leave me alone until they were built.

Turquoise Coffee Table

This was a coffee table that I made to match the turquoise chest I made. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. I’m really experimenting with different paints and stains that add some life and “age” to it. This is 100% made of scrap wood as usual. I absolutely love making something from “garbage”.

Rustic Bookcase:Hutch (3)

Here’s another scrapwood piece in a similar style to the coffee table above but painted gray. Of course I could make a set that would completely match each other but not this time. I am actually going to do that in the future though. My wife and I have this tendency to get tired of our furniture which is sort of fine since I can make new stuff now. But our living room at the moment has Ikea furniture… yeah… we’re learning to boycott Ikea… we’re allowed to say that because my wife is swedish and we live in Sweden… hahaha… We’re just getting so tired of the idea that every single person has exactly the same furniture and paintings in their house… so yeah, just thought I’d get that off my chest. We will be selling our Ikea entertainment center and I will be building a new one at some point in the near future. Should be fun!

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